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Book Reviews

"Has the makings of a classic… McFarland successfully tackles the ever-present question for ambitious entrepreneurs: Just how do you go from small to big—and prosper?"
—Steve Forbes, President & CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes


"Keith McFarland is about to be added to the list of top business thinkers—Tom Peters, Jim Collins, Ken Blanchard, and Stephen Covey. If you buy only one business book in 2008, this one should be it."
—Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.


"The Breakthrough Company rocks! Start this book and you’ll find yourself looking forward to evenings, weekends and plane flights so you can read more! More than even the iconic books in this category, this look at the key issues for growing companies provides a deep dive in terms of substance and real-world examples. The margins of my own copy are quite literally covered with notes on ideas inspired by what McFarland has to say."
—Brad Duea, President, Napster


"A seriously great book … Drawing from an unusually detailed and careful study of both excellent and average performers, McFarland offers a set of powerful insights into building a breakthrough organization. Managers and employees alike will find his conclusions at once provocative and useful, since they focus on the ways that ordinary people combine to do extraordinary things."
—William Barnett, Thomas M. Siebel Professor in Business, Leadership, Strategy & Organizations, Graduate Business School, Stanford University


"The Breakthrough Company is a book that refreshingly and persuasively backs up—with a wealth of hard evidence—its contrarian claims regarding how to elevate a growing business to undreamt of levels … Think Good to Great for those still small enough to think big."
—Bob Eckert, Chairman & CEO, Mattel, Inc.


"Greatly needed! Features marvelous analysis of the principles that enable entrepreneurial enterprises to survive and thrive. It will inspire those in charge to become true leaders by rejecting ‘small’ goals rooted in ego and embracing visionary values that impart moral authority up and down the organizational ladder. I urge you to read this book: It's impressively researched, beautifully illustrated, and clearly written."
—Stephen R. Covey, author of New York Times #1 Bestseller: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People


"Disdainful of too-easily-accepted ‘common wisdom,’ zealous at getting to the real facts of what makes some companies stall out and others thrive, Keith McFarland's The Breakthrough Company offers a gold mine of insight to anyone who's ever dreamed that the business they lead can become a 'player.'"
—The Honorable Jack Kemp, Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Vice-Presidential Candidate, and United States Congressman


"In an increasingly entrepreneurial economy, fast-growing, innovative firms will be absolutely central to future economic success. With keen insight and extensive analysis, McFarland helps to fill a gap in our understanding of how and why some companies achieve 'breakthrough' status."
—Carl J. Schramm, President and CEO, Kauffman Foundation, author of The Entrepreneurial Imperative.


This book is unique. Every paragraph has tucked within it one – and sometimes more – jewels of insight. Fair warning to anyone who immerses himself in this analysis: You’ll find yourself underlining every page!"
—Bob Galvin, former CEO, Motorola


"The Breakthrough Company is in-your-gut persuasive. The best books, like this one, change your mind about something important—and with each rereading prove freshly inspirational. McFarland's insightful drill-down doesn't just answer the questions that keep growth-company leaders up at night, it’s an invaluable compass pointing the way to best-in-class performance."
—Bob Geiman, Partner Polaris Venture Partners


"In The Breakthrough Company, Keith McFarland gives us the clever metaphor of the Business Bermuda Triangle. The book provides insightful observations and advice that will help guide a business leader through pivotal times of a company's growth. McFarland's focus on the realities of managing costs, listening to customers and responding with agility to external factors, makes this book a compelling ‘how to’ on thriving in today's business world."
—Shantanu Narayen, President and COO, Adobe Systems


"Combining exhaustive research and compelling examples, this book passes the ‘Monday Morning Test’—you’ll finish it with a list of things you’ll do differently on Monday morning."
—Scott Olivet, CEO, Oakley Inc.

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